Nov 26, 2014
SFX Buys Half Of Alda Events

Media conglomerate SFX Entertainment has announced a 50% purchase of Alda Events, better known as the live touring company behind ASOT, Armin Only and I Am Hardwell.

While it may seem like a simple case of yet another dance music brand being acquired by SFX, the deal actually has some interesting implications for the scene. In return for their investment, SFX will hand over their live touring responsibilities to Alda, who will continue to operate as an independent company under current CEO Allan Hardenberg, who founded the company in 2007 alongside Armada co-owner David Lewis.

Despite complaints that SFX’ march on the dance music scene is completely money driven, their latest move should help build confidence that the company does have the interests of dance music fans at heart. With the Alda guys now at the head of a whole new host of live dance music brands, it will certainly be exciting to see what the future holds.

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