May 01, 2012
SexyTime Is Every Time
SexyTime - Always On My Mind (Original Mix) [False Idol Musik]
SexyTime - Inamorata (Original Mix) [False Idol Musik]
SexyTime - Lights In The Night (Original Mix) [Muti]

SexyTime is a bass duo comprised of California’s bay area killer MiM0SA and prominent Brooklyn downtempo artist Sleepyhead. Apart, each one strongly represents a thriving music scene. When they come together, their sound takes a little bit of east coast flare, a little bit of west coast flare, and creates this lucid sub-bass driven atmosphere that can’t be matched, not on either coast or anywhere in between.

Their EP, titled Naked Poetry, just dropped, and it’s gotta be heard. Always On My Mind stands out as a severely awesome track simply due to the low-end bass used. Exemplifying that bass can be intense without blowing the energy levels off the roof is such a key trait if you’re going for a sound like SexyTime’s. Inamorata stole my heart with its understated vocals, delicate percussion and silky melody.

While I expect this release to really make SexyTime a known name, this isn’t their first time coming together under this name. Back in 2009 they released Lights In The Night, a tune which might not be as refined as their latest release, but is every bit as sexy as anything from them yet. Finally, below you’ll find the recently released video for Lost In Translation, starring MiM0SA and Sleepyhead themselves. SexyTime will be playing rare dates, including shows in NYC, LA and Colorado, so be ready to get sexy.

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