Nov 30, 2015
Seth Troxler Buys Dave Haslam’s Vinyl Collection

In October, former Hacienda resident Dave Haslam announced that he was selling his collection of 4,300 vinyl records, and now it’s been bought in full by none other than Seth Troxler.

Speaking of his new haul, Troxler (pictured) said, “as a 30 year old there is only so much you can read about or hear through friends to imagine what it was like during the heyday of acid house and the Haçienda. I think my great joy will be finding new music, hearing things I never knew existed from people forgotten through time.”

Dave Haslam himself also seems pleased with the buyer, saying, “the records were bought by me to be played–it’s a working DJ’s collection–and Seth’s commitment to music and to vinyl is fabulous. There’s stuff in there he’ll know and love but stuff he’ll discover too, and through him, and thanks to him taking them on and playing them out, new audiences will discover them too, and enjoy them.”

As the guy who was present at the decks for the birth of rave culture at the fabled Manchester club, Dave’s vinyl collection represents a special slice of dance music history, so it’s good to hear it’s been snapped up by a fellow DJ who intends to put it to good use. An “official handover” is due to happen in December.

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