Oct 26, 2011
Somasphere - Touch & GO (Blac Remix)
Somasphere - AKA (Bentone Remix)
Somasphere - Ready Since (Owlsley Remix)

The live four-piece electronic getup known as Somasphere released a new remix EP this week, once again proving that they’re nothing short of worth the attention of the EDM world. If you’re not familiar with the group, well, you should giddy up and change that, as the Nebraska act has shared the stage with industry monsters like Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, and EOTO. This new EP features one updated Somasphere track and sports a variety of remixes ranging from some electro beasts to some deceivingly awesome dubby tunes.

For starters, you’ve gotta hear Blac’s remix of Touch & GO, which takes the dancey original and tosses it over some classic bassy breakbeats. The sampled melody works wonders here, keeping the tone and atmosphere of the original near. Beautiful and unique is the Bentone remix of AKA, a tune that lures you in with strings only to hit you with this awesome drop that really stands alone in regards to anything I’ve recently heard from the world of dubstep. Finally, I urge you to checkout Owsley’s terminally chill glitch hop remix of Ready Since. This track is swagga with class, giving some straight up wonky synths early on and eventually dropping into a playful and seductive piano jam.

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