Mar 12, 2015
Sell Your Music To Video Games With Pong Ping

Getting your music licensed for use in video games is often a reliable source of income for budding producers, and now the process just got easier thanks to Finnish startup Pong Ping.

The service is simple: upload a sample track to the site, and if you’re successful, your music enters a library for game developers to choose from. Licensing a track costs developers $495–with an increase to $1295 for a “track suite,” which includes stems and loops. Producers receive a healthy 50 percent of all income, and developers are free from region, platform, and term restrictions, making it an attractive alternative to traditional publishing/sync deals, which perform largely the same function but normally with less return.

If you’re a producer, a game developer, or even if you just want to check out the tracks on offer, head over to the Pong Ping website for all the info.

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