Jul 02, 2010
Seize the Moment
Marco V - Solitary Confinement (REVIXED)

A little while ago I posted about a sweet new Japanese DJ/producer named Nhato. Turns out that he airs a podcast together with Kenji Sekiguchi called Otographic Arts once a month. It looks like they started relatively recently–up to episode 6 so far. The latest mix is absolutely fantastic, providing new fresh psy/tech/vocal trance songs that I wonder why I’ve never heard before. Each DJ spins half the set, which really allows for their specific tastes to be distinguished from one another. The first half is something like Above & Beyond meets Armin van Buuren–progressive, slightly more chilled out versions of epic-synth type songs. The second half is a joyride through a sea of emotions and great tracks. I seriously haven’t come across a set that I’ve enjoyed this much in a while. During our visit in LA this weekend at EDC we listened to it 3 times…

But I digress… Back to what matters: one of the many hidden gems of the second half is by Marco V, who has put out some great tracks this past year, most notably Coming Back featuring Jonathan Mendelson. This next hit is called Solitary Confinement, and it features some phenomenal, bonechilling vocals by Khashassi. I’m not sure why I haven’t heard of her before, but if this is a sample of what’s to come then sign me up.

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