Jan 20, 2014
See Tai Revives Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’
Goldroom - Embrace (See Tai Remix)

Louisville, Kentucky’s own Jamey See Tai is making waves far outside his hometown this week with the premiere of his remix of Goldroom’s nu disco hit Embrace.

See Tai is a staple of the Derby City’s humble dance music scene, and can be found DJing in a wide variety of styles across the city every week. His mix of Embrace is the first peep we’ve heard out of the DJ since he dropped the name of his post-rock band, The Photographic, in favor of his given name (last year, he released a stellar take on Love by Daughter under the former moniker).

Choosing Goldroom as the subject for his official debut was a shrewd decision, as the two artists share a spiritual kinship for their subtle, classy approach to upbeat disco-house. See Tai’s remix doesn’t aim to reinvent the wheel, but it does play up the dreamy synth pop vibe of the original tune, while injecting a chill Balearic groove beneath those unforgettable vocal hooks.

See Tai’s Goldroom remix is available to download for free on SoundCloud. You’ll definitely want to watch out for this guy as the year unfolds.

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