Dec 11, 2013
Tyas & Neiman ‘Lose My Logic’ Again With Remixes
Sean Tyas & Noah Neiman feat. Fisher - Lose My Logic (Melodic Edit) [Black Hole]
Sean Tyas & Noah Neiman feat. Fisher - Lose My Logic (Tomas Heredia Radio Edit) [Black Hole]

A few weeks ago, we marked out Sean Tyas and Noah Neiman’s Lose My Logic as an excellent example of how trance and electro can co-exist. Now though, as we exclusively revealed at the time of the original release, there’s a couple of new remixes on offer, and they expand on the genre-mashing ideals of the original.

First up is a new take on the original from Tyas & Neiman themselves, the Melodic Edit, which features hints of the electro style of the original, but is otherwise a totally different beast. There’s a long and flowing break, dreamy pianos, plucky guitar-style synths, and a much more loose and relaxed feel to the vocal as a result. It’s got the energy of the original, but it’s dispensed in a different manner, like you’re being fed it gently rather than having it explode in your face.

Both styles have their charm, of course, and if you prefer the latter, the Tomas Heredia edit is ideal. There’s more of the soft and flowing break–at times the vocal and pads almost sound like a chillout track–but the sharp and nasty lead synth snaps you right back into club territory. It’s “hard” trance that remains dreamy and has hints of “uplifting,” yet keeps an electro feel.

The Lose My Logic remixes are out now on Beatport and breathe new life into what was already a killer track.

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