Aug 12, 2014
Scream And Shout With Flume’s Remix of Arcade Fire’s ‘Afterlife’
Arcade Fire - Afterlife (Flume Remix)

You’ve never heard Flume quite like this. The young Aussie talent demonstrates the breadth of his range and versatility once again with an epic (in the literal sense of the word) extended remix of Afterlife by Canadian indie rock titans Arcade Fire.

The original mix is an uplifting dose of stadium-ready dance rock that borrows key lyrical themes from the myth of Orpheus and the death of his lover, Eurydice. If that sounds a little, err, pretentious, well… that’s Arcade Fire for you. But such lofty themes deserve a larger-than-life musical treatment, and Flume delivers in full by doubling the track’s runtime and underscoring the agony and the ecstasy on display in lead singer Win Butler’s bellowed vocals. So much for “real instruments”, eh Winny?

The original mix of Afterlife comes from Arcade Fire’s 2013 LP Reflektor. Check out the fittingly cinematic music video below:

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