Jun 14, 2011
Schossow Says It's Alright
Red Carpet - Alright 2011 (Marcus Schossow Remix) [Spinnin']

Marcus Schossow’s infallible producing talents shine through once again. Remixing Red Carpet’s massive vocal hit Alright, Schossow’s 2011 reinterpretation is nothing short of electro death. The man produces what he pleases, whether it’s an out-of-the-box track with a bit of that techy Schossow quirk, or a hands-in-the-air number that kills crowds at festivals. This track is the latter. Like premier tech trance producer Sander van Doorn, Schossow likes to dip his hands into a variety of genres, and rarely comes out with disappointing results.

The first few minutes of Alright will have you believing that Schossow simply “techified” the beat from its simpler origins. Sure it sounds pretty good, but is that all you got, Schossow? Nope. As the vocals trail off into a massive buildup, Schossow slams you with an awesome electro drop. Surprise!

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