Feb 10, 2014
SBTRKT Debuts ‘Hold The Line’ From Instrumental Series
SBTRKT - Hold The Line (Original Mix)

Yesterday, Mary Anne Hobbs debuted a brand new tune on her BBC Radio 6 show from the masked beatsmith SBTRKT, entitled Hold The Line. Before premiering the track, Hobbs read a note from the producer which explains how this new work fits into the bigger picture:

“These tracks will form a collection of vinyl 12″s before my next album and its singles. Maybe a digital release, too. They’ll be out in a couple of months. All instrumental stuff along the lines of the music I put out on Ramp or the early Young Turks releases.”

Hold The Line is impenetrably dark and layered, with high-pitched, fluttering synth keys that call to mind images of the moon briefly peeking through a line of storm clouds in an overcast night sky. Indeed, SBTRKT possesses the rare quality of being able to conjure up organic, naturalistic imagery through his cold electronics, and Hold The Line promises great things on the way in this “transitional” instrumental series.

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