Apr 07, 2014
Say ‘YesYesYes’ to The Knocks’ Remix of NoNoNo
NoNoNo - Pumpin Blood (The Knocks Remix)

An article released in The Atlantic last year sought to answer a question on every music fan’s mind: “Why is Sweden so good at pop music?” While the answer may be unclear, one thing is for certain: with great pop music, comes great remixes.

Few producers are better at providing those remixes than New York duo The Knocks. Releasing a number of stellar remixes this year along with a new EP, The Knocks can now add NoNoNo to their list.

Taking on the trio’s whistle-happy, Top-40 gem Pumpin Blood, The Knocks have created a disco-infused mix of electronic funk. Retro-styled synths and tight-knit beats take the track through nostalgic territories of smooth grooves and piquant pop guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

The Knocks’ remix of Pumpin Blood is available to download on iTunes here.

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