Jan 15, 2012
Saxy Nights
Big Gigantic - Nocturnal
Big Gigantic - Stronger
Big Gigantic - Hopscotch

After a dreadfully long wait, Colorado’s Big Gigantic finally dropped their latest LP, showing fans that amidst their defining saxy sound they are still amongst the freshest and most adaptable groups not just in EDM but all of modern music.

Part 8-bit, part dubstep, part hardstyle (yeah!), Big Gigantic just straight up goes for it with the LP’s title track, Nocturnal, and the payoff is massive. It takes quite the pair of balls to make a track with so many elements and influences the title track of your LP, but I guess if you’re not going big (and gigantic) you might as well go home. Other standout tracks on the release are Stronger, which masks the sax with some incredibly zippy basslines, and my personal favorite track Hopscotch, which accompanies retro vocals with a swervin’ bassy jam that’s nothing short of captivating. The entire album is spectacular, so if you’re digging these tracks download the full length LP for FREE at their website.

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