Aug 14, 2011
Save the World Again
Swedish House Mafia - Save the World (Zedd Remix) [EMI]
Swedish House Mafia - Save the World (Alesso Remix) [Virgin UK]

Everyone’s heard it about a thousand times. Yes, Save the World–some love it, some hate it, but we all know it to death. Whether you’re a casual radio listener or hardcore dance fan, you’re now aware that the Swedish House Mafia is a household name with their smash hit. Thankfully, some of today’s most promising names took it upon themselves to imbue a popular tune with some original magic.

We recently posted a remix of Save the World by Cazzette, a new Swedish electro duo. Well, electro-savant Zedd also took it upon himself to take a spin on the same piece. He restructured the introduction around a massive first drop that sends you tumbling through a series of mind-numbing electro hooks. The resulting product is a banger so hard that it likely would have no place in SHM’s setlist, but it will also make this song all the more heard by EDM listeners outside of SHM’s normal big-room sound. Prog house prodigy Alesso went about the same task quite differently. Seeking to preserve the grandiose spirit of the original, he molded Save the World into a beautifully layered, proggy symphony.

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