Dec 30, 2013
Saux Says I Love U Shy Girls
Shy Girls - When I Say I Love You (Saux Remix)

Portland’s Shy Girls gave fans a super sexy track with his recent release, When I Say I Love U, and thanks to Saux‘s new remix, it’s now danceable.

Saux inserts a steady, percussion-filled beat into his version, speeding up the tempo just enough to add a groovy quality to the track while retaining its smooth, enticing R&B feel. The soulful, Michael Jackson-esque vocals of Dan Vidmar, Shy Girls’ one-man act, remain in the remix but are accompanied by background synths and airbrushed with a foggy filter, creating a light nu disco feel. Amsterdam native Saux definitely had a relaxing, soothing effect in mind with this spin, a common quality in his remixes and original music.

Check out the track and more from Saux on his SoundCloud.

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