Mar 16, 2012
sAuce Lays The Foundations
sAuce feat Burny Kutter - Ancient Anguish (Original Mix)
sAuce - Lullabytes Of Memory (Original Mix)
sAuce - The Benihana Experience (Original Mix)

It’s been a little while since LessThan3 has checked in on sAuce. For those of you who know me, you know that whether on my spaghetti, bowling release, or on my speakers–my philosophy is that you can never have too much sAuce!

I already know and like sAuce; I’ve written a review of his sound once before. His first official LP, Forge Through Future, is chockful of ambient soundscapes and heavy on the glitch, with well-distributed bass and crunchy percussion. It also includes appearances by the likes of Profresher and Mimi Page.

You’ll see what I mean regarding the sound of the album when you listen to The Benihana Experience, a track best described as downtempo, drippy glitch. As for the flow? Easily illustrated by checking out Ancient Anguish, which comes right after The Benihana Experience on the album. Lastly, I wanted to include Lullabytes Of Memory in the last writeup, but was unable to get a quality copy. sAuce has been kind enough to include that awesome track on Forge Through Future, and here it is for your enjoyment.

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