Jul 01, 2010
Saturday Night Fever
The Soulbrothers - 21st Century Disco Shit (Miles Dyson Remix)

Deemed one of the fastest rising electro-house producers in the world, Miles Dyson has wasted no time in making the international EDM scene his bitch. He currently heads not one, not two, but twelve music labels, including Plasmapool records. His dominating beats and original basslines make this man a force to be reckoned with. Don’t believe me? Keep reading…

His recent remix of The Soulbrother’s 21st Century Disco Shit not only shows Dyson’s range as a musical producer, but is an excellent example of modern electro-house done right. He uses a buildup that stays loyal to the disco sound of the late 70s, and then drops it into, well… I’ll let you find out for yourself. The progression of the song parallels none other than Wolfgang Gartner, with complex basslines and synths evolving from one phrase to another. There’s a reason why this song is gaining acclaim all over the internet: simply put, this disco shit is the shit.

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