Mar 03, 2015
Sankeys Owner Dave Vincent Offers Advice On How Not To Die In Ibiza

Sankeys owner Dave Vincent is offering some basic advice to travellers ahead of the summer season: get travel insurance.

The Ibiza/Manchester legend had a near-death experience just a few weeks ago on the White Isle after severe abdominal pains turned out to be appendicitis. While the condition is often easily treated, poor service and issues with the island’s public health clinics meant Vincent was “near death” as his appendix was literally at the bursting point. His experience of being “sniggered at and ignored,” as well as being chased down by the police when he escaped the public clinic, led to him paying for treatment at a private clinic instead. There, doctors quickly saved his life, and it’s given Dave a cause he’s keen to shout about.

While all EU citizens qualify for a European Health Insurance Card, the benefits are very small and it doesn’t replace full travel insurance. Policies for holidaymakers are plentiful, relatively cheap, and, if you pick the right options, should cover you for a full range of medical treatments. As Dave himself noted, if the system was that stretched and useless in February, it doesn’t bear thinking about what uninsured patients would have to go through in August. So follow the man’s advice, and make sure you’re covered before you go.

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