May 24, 2014
Sam F Gives Away Delirious ‘When Will The Bass Drop’ From SNL
The Lonely Island feat. Lil Jon - When Will The Bass Drop (Original Mix) (Prod. by Sam F)

Let’s be honest with ourselves: Parody though it may be, the delirious dance track featured in The Lonely Island’s recent Saturday Night Live Digital Short When Will The Bass Drop is actually quite a lot of fun. That’s because it was produced by Bay Area DJ Sam F, an accomplished artist in his own right who’s staring down a newfound wave of success thanks to the unironic embrace of this unlikely hit song.

When Will The Bass Drop, jokingly credited to a DJ by the name of Davvincii (played by Andy Samberg, pictured above), clearly registers as a tongue-in-cheek play on modern electro and big room production, but it’s self-conscious enough that it comes off more as lighthearted fun than biting satire. And that inimitable “GET TURNED UP TO DEATH” drop from Lil Jon that arrives after we’ve been whipped up into a frenzy? If you’re too cool to do as the man says, well, that’s your own fault.

For this weekend only, you can download Sam F’s When Will The Bass Drop for free in exchange for some love on Facebook. Come Monday, the track will be up for sale in the usual places. But if you take Lil Jon’s advice to heart, you’ll already be dead by then. Relive the magic of the Digital Short below.

UPDATE: Other outlets are reporting that Sam F has been signed to Universal following the success of this track. It turns out that this is false, and Sam would like to set the record straight:

I need to clarify this.. I did not get a record deal and this song is not coming out on universal. I would appreciate it if all you blogs could change your posts. Thank you.

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