Sep 11, 2014
Problem & Salva Get ‘Motivated’
Problem x Salva - Motivated (Original Mix) [Friends Of Friends]

I don’t have grillz, I don’t rock Chucks, and I do not know how to C-Walk, but there are times that I wish I did. Listening to Salva’s (pictured, right) new collaboration with rapper Problem, Motivated, is one of those times. This ish is gangsta with a capital “G.”

Motivated is lyrically-driven piece of gritty hip hop that feels rough, rugged, and raw, with Problem’s nasally flow perfectly complemented by Salva’s minimalistic production approach. The energy is undeniable, and the beat is crazier than Mike Tyson at a Rob Ford rally.

You can pick up Motivated Oct. 8 as part of the Vans OTW Presents: What’s Good LA? EP. In the meantime, check out the video down below to watch Problem and Salva discuss the making of the single.

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