May 08, 2014
Salva Shows Off A Stranger Side Of Classixx

In case the weatherman neglected to clue you in on the changing seasons, Salva dusted off A Stranger Love by Classixx (pictured) and gave it a bass-heavy makeover to carry it through what is already shaping up to be one sweaty summer.

If you’re anything like us, Classixx’ 2013 LP Hanging Gardens was undoubtedly a staple of last summer, and A Stranger Love, featuring vocals from Sarah Chernoff, received far more than its fair share of spins. Salva’s remix–a far cry from last week’s club banger Drop That B*tch–maintains the mood of the original mix but makes good on the promise of catharsis that never really materializes in Classixx’ melancholy dance-pop tune. Incredibly, Salva’s take is brighter and even more colorful than the original, especially when the producer chops and skews Chernoff’s vocals underneath air-raid sirens meant to invigorate rather than warn.

Salva’s remix comes from the EP A Stranger Love (Remixes), which also features a remix from RAC and a cover by De Lux. Listen below, then pick up your copy on iTunes.

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