Jan 10, 2014
Saint Pepsi Samples Aretha Franklin For ‘Mr. Wonderful’
Saint Pepsi - Mr. Wonderful (Original Mix)

Pop culture-crushing beatsmith Saint Pepsi came up in the nascent vaporwave scene last year, and quickly rose to prominence as he expanded his reach beyond kitschy muzak collages to the more accessible realm of electronic dance production. That avant-garde spirit is still alive and well in his music, however, as demonstrated by the cheeky new track Mr. Wonderful.

Only in 2014 could Aretha Franklin and Super Mario Kart 64 exist in the same sonic space, and only Saint Pepsi could warp and bend them so that they sound perfectly in sync. It’s unashamedly goofy, but it’s also surprisingly beautiful, and lighthearted enough to soundtrack a victory lap around the Rainbow Road.

Download Saint Pepsi’s Mr. Wonderful for free on Dropbox, care of the saintly producer himself. Just watch out for banana peels as you skid around that final bend to reach the finish line.

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