Nov 11, 2011
Sabres Drawn
Sabrepulse feat Knife City - First Crush (Original Mix)
Sabrepulse - The Rapture (Original Mix)
Sabrepulse - Arcanine (Original Mix)

Sabrepulse is Ashley Charles, a London-based musician with a passion for creating diverse electronic music using old and new technology, most notably Nintendo Gameboys and modern sequencers. Yep, you read that correctly–Nintendo Gameboys. The 8-bit/chiptune scene has actually been developing quite nicely alongside EDM. Traditionally artists had preferred going completely 8-bit, but a new round of musicians have embraced new technologies and retrofitted them with the bleeps and bloops we all grew up with. With his new EP, First Crush, Sabrepulse is helping lead the charge in this direction.

This guy clearly has his pulse on new trends in EDM, as the EP includes tracks with clear influences ranging from Justice to Skrillex to Avicii. The self-titled track, First Crush, features Knife City, who also happens to be the drummer for a chiptune rock band called Anamanaguchi that is definitely worth checking out as well. It’s a refreshing take at drum’n’bass with just enough 8-bit influence on the main melody and an emotional breakdown that is sure to evoke a nostalgic sense of happiness in just about anyone.

Though Justice just released a new album, many out there still crave their older Cross-era sound. Sabrepulse has answered your cry with The Rapture, a track that bangs all over that French hard electro sound we all know and love with a just about identical synth sound to what Justice used–my hat’s off for nailing that. Arcanine is perhaps proof that Skrillex’s formula has almost turned into a genre in its own right. Sabrepulse extends his creativity by mixing Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites-style vocals with deeply progressive sections in addition to some strong influences from Cinema.

Just about every song on First Crush is worthy of having a place on this site, so hopefully you’ll take this as positive encouragement to go check it out in full yourselves. It’s one of my favorite EPs of the year, and here at LT3, nobody says that lightly. Get it here fo’ free!

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