Dec 20, 2013
Sabo & Furnace Beatz Rock ‘Dos Sandals’ In The Club
Sabo & Furnace Beatz - Dos Sandals (Original Mix)

Ever gotten dressed up for a night out by donning your favorite pair of striped tube socks and those velcro Tevas your aunt gave you for Christmas a few years ago, only to be turned away at the door of your favorite club for not adhering to their so-called “dress code”? You’re not alone. Moombahtonero Sabo and his friend Furnace Beatz aren’t ashamed to rock the socks-and-sandals combo, as their latest single Dos Sandals demonstrates.

Bridging the gap between Latin jazz and festival trap, Dos Sandals has shifted our opinion of this much-maligned fashion statement from “uncool” to “so uncool that it’s actually come full circle and is really cool now.” If you’re ready to enter the post-ironic world of 2014 with open-toed pride, snag a free download of Dos Sandals on SoundCloud now.

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