May 06, 2014
Ryan Hemsworth Backs Tennyson With ‘Secret Songs’ Project
Tennyson - You're Cute (Original Mix)

Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth has unveiled the first track from his new music-sharing project Secret Songs.

The project was conceived by Hemsworth as a way for him to share music from artists who he believes in. Hemsworth announced the project last week via Facebook, and made sure his fans knew that there would be no “label involvement, blog premieres, or A&R’s.”

I’ll be hosting two new tracks a month from SoundCloud. They will all be exclusive songs, only from friends and artists that I trust and see amazing potential in. It’ll be free to download and share. The music will be consistently great.
I’ve wanted to start something like this for a while. It’s not a label or anything. Just a new outlet to share brand new music from the artists I believe in, directly with you.

The first “release” from Hemsworth’s project comes from fellow Canadian Luke Tennyson. The relatively unknown 17-year-old producer first arrived onto the scene in 2012 with his Blamer EP. Since then, he has been gathering the attention of fans and producers alike, most recently with his remix of Angus & Julia Stone’s For You.

Listen to Tennyson’s brand new track–and Secret Songs’ inaugural post–You’re Cute, above. Download the track for free via SoundCloud here. According to Tennyson, the racing, jazz-infused track is about “missing her, cold beaches, kittens, running hugs, calculus and fruit salad.”

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