Nov 03, 2014
It’s Sports Car vs. Scooter In Rusko’s ‘Lytah’ Video

Mobility scooter vs. sports car… who wins? Well, what if the guy on the scooter and his posse are a bunch of mentally insane patients? This is the exact scenario that unfolds in Rusko‘s new music video for Lytah.

Off Rusko’s !, Vol. 2, Lytah showcases a much lighter and bouncier Rusko than we are used to. The video does a good job of embodying the track’s lighthearted nature, as it sees a young man is his sports car pitted against an older insane man on his scooter in a rather entertaining race. An easy win for the young man it might seem, but when the older man’s crazy cohorts get involved, the tables are turned. Check out the video below, and pick up Lytah on Beatport here.

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