Jul 01, 2014
Bask In Rusko’s ‘Sunshower’
Rusko - Sunshower [FMLY]

UK dubstep pioneer Rusko has long left his sun-starved home of Leeds for California, and he seems to be in search of even more of the bright stuff with his latest production.

Rusko takes a sonic venture to the shores of Australia with a blinding trap number fittingly titled Sunshower, one of five new productions from his forthcoming EP to be titled !.

His roots peek through the glimmering atmosphere of chorus synth and digitized glissandos in the form of low-rumbling bass and the occasional stowaway wobble, but Sunshower is overall a foreign and welcome stop on Rusko’s continuing tour of the bass music world. After flexing his D&B muscles on Lift Me Up last year, Rusko’s first preview of his next EP makes us wonder if he’s been skipping off to the shores of Oz to hang with Flume and Wave Racer. Sunshower porpoises effortlessly on the back of buoyant arpeggios and rapid-fire woodblock hits, which he uses in place of trap’s traditional snare for that extra tropical beach vibe.

Sunshower will be out July 29 on the five-track ! EP on Universal/FMLY (view the tracklist below). Pre-ordering is a go July 15.

UPDATE: Pick up a free copy of Sunshower in exchange for a share on social here.

1. Like A Boss
2. Sunshower
3. My Style
4. Happy Chords
5. Rusko Theme


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