Jul 29, 2014
Rusko’s New EP Has Us Like ‘!’
Rusko - Like A Boss (Original Mix) [FMLY]
Rusko - My Style (Original Mix) [FMLY]
Rusko - Rusko's Theme (Original Mix) [FMLY]

The ambiguous title of Rusko’s latest EP, !, could mean any number of things, but our money says it’s the fan reaction he expected when penning the glittering, reinventive five-track package.

After demonstrating his drum & bass skills on the Lift Me Up EP, Leeds-born dubstep luminary Rusko further broadens his catalog with the shimmering future beats and trap experiments that dominate !.

Glitchy dubstep cut Like A Boss leads off the EP with a fine mixture of funk-filled licks and synth ranging from saxophone-esque and spritely blips to clicky rumbles, ensuring dubstep-hungry fans have something to survive on while sampling his latest flavors.

Waves of such sun-soaked tones wash over the listener in Sunshower, Rusko’s blinding display of modern trap musings in the vein of 813 or Wave Racer.

More sax-style synth rules the soundscape of My Style, which sees Rusko expand further from his native two-step tongue and D&B and into something to twerk to.

Happy Chords bring us back to future bass beach in another experiment with endlessly ebbing and flowing arpeggios, hyped vocal samples, and sunkissed, 8-bit synth.

Counterintuitively, Rusko’s Theme is among the furthest we’ve seen him stray from the sound upon which he built his career. A rich bassline runs beneath a rapid-fire assault of piano and bubbly synth melodies in the shuffling beat with strong acid jazz and liquid D&B overtones. While it isn’t dubstep, Rusko’s Theme is a bold venture and represents him quite well as an artist, assuming we’ll continue to see him taking the kinds of risks represented in this namesake finale track.

On the whole, Rusko pushes himself creatively in !, resulting in a series of inspired tunes that, despite sounding unlike anything we’ve heard from him in the past, still screams “Rusko” loud and clear from two houses down.

Pick up ! here on iTunes.

1. Like A Boss
2. Sunshower
3. My Style
4. Happy Chords
5. Rusko’s Theme

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