Sep 23, 2015
RUFUS Shares Swirling Video For ‘Like An Animal,’ 2nd From New LP

Electro-pop outfit RUFUS (formerly RUFUS DU SOL) prepares a sophomore album, Bloom, and drops a trippy new video to accompany the second single, Like An Animal.

Continuing with their unique mix of bass-infused pop, the Sydney group once again delivers a tune that is as catchy as it is heartbreaking. With upbeat instrumentals that betray the heavy-hearted tone of the lyrics, listening to Like An Animal makes for a rare result that will have fans wanting to sob over an unrequited love while frenetically dancing at the same time.

The video highlights swirling pastels and human cutouts as designed by the band’s friend and repeat video collaborator, Katzki, who keeps with the cover art theme used for their singles We Let and You Were Right (the album’s first reveal). It’s timed perfectly with the track for another stunning output to add to these Aussies’ impressive catalog.

No word yet as to when Bloom will be released, but lead singer Tyrone Lindqvist shares:

“We just put all the cliches about second albums out of our minds and tried to write something that we would want to listen to right now. The title came pretty easily; even before we finished the album, we knew we wanted to call it Bloom. It fitted where we were at with the music, and also where we were at creatively.”

You can hear more from RUFUS on their SoundCloud, and watch the official video on LT3‘s Groove Channel here.

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