Jan 30, 2013
The Inimitable Sound of the Rain
MA - If That's How You Want It to Be (Royalston Remix) [Bad Taste]
Royalston - Sound Of The Rain (Original Mix) [Bad Taste]
Royalston - Dead Hollywood (Original Mix) [Bad Taste]

Back in 2009, Australian d&b producer Royalston debuted on Hospital sister-label Med School with a catchy tune called The Test, and followed it up with several notable releases including a massive EP called Cerulean Blue. Cerulean Blue was a breakout hit for the Sydney-native, and its innovative sound design is still unmatched to this day. With a heavy dose of robotic and techy vibes, Cerulean Blue was anything but big-room; it was tribal, dark, and incredibly original–all the makings of a cult classic.

After a few more releases on Med School, among other labels, the producer eventually found a home for his sound on the mighty Bad Taste imprint. His debut on the label came by way of the Bad Taste Volume 5 compilation with a tune called The Bearer, and showcased his razor-sharp production style. Now the producer is back with another volley of bleeding-edge songs on Bad Taste Recordings in the form of a 4-track EP called Sound of the Rain.

Sound of the Rain exemplifies the future sound of EDM. Starting with Royalston’s remix of the MA track, If That’s How You Want It to Be, the Aussie lays down a rhythm with laser-like precision, with the crackle of every percussive hit slicing through the air like bullets. On the title track, Sound of the Rain, Royalston conveys a darker vibe on this tune with a haunting vocal and a pulsing bassline. Finally, Dead Hollywood showcases a bit more neuro-funkiness than the previous two tracks. The gritty timbre of the melody raises the tune’s aggression quotient, while the sub-bass anxiously bellows with agitated stabs and drops. This entire EP is worth the price of admission and can be had right here on the Bad Taste website.

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