Jan 21, 2012
Rough, Rugged & Raw
Octo Octa - Shower Nights (Second Chance Mix) [100% Silk]
Octo Octa - Memories (Original Mix) [100% Silk]
Octo Octa - Tto (Original Mix) [100% Silk]

100% Silk increase their mystique and their fanbase equally by giving Mike Morrison aka Octo Octa’s rare tour cassette a digital release. Octo Octa first caught our attention with his formidable debut 12″ Let Me See You, but sophomore effort Rough, Rugged & Raw is a strange beast–a 35-minute collection of searing house jams that somehow feels more mixtape than LP or EP.

Thinking of this release as an eleven track album is misleading. It might be better to think of it as eleven separate ideas, some of which are fully developed over the course of five or six minutes while others are toyed around with and used as intriguing segues. As on his debut, Mike Morrison seems on a mission to make sure he doesn’t box himself into one particular style. Shower Nights is a pure yet chunkily abrasive groove that somehow effortlessly morphs into the plush, enveloping dreamscape that is Memories. Tto scrambles towards its frantic, acid-drenched climax before dissolving into the drugged microhouse of Blush. Keep your ears peeled for Octo Octa’s next proper 12″ Oh Love, set to drop some time this spring.

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