Aug 07, 2012
Roman Beats
John Roman - Infrared (Original Mix) [Lektroluv]
John Roman - Down (The Drain) (Original Mix) [Lektroluv]
John Roman - T.G.S. (Original Mix) [Lektroluv]

John Roman freshens up the saturated electro house scene with a healthy serving of tech-influenced electro tracks in his 2012 EP, Infrared.

The title track falls as a relentless club rager, sporting a bassline that just learned to talk atop a unique percussive beat that diplays John’s techno background. The vocal sample is repetitive, but sexy nonetheless. What is she saying, though? “I Love Ithaca?” Down (The Drain) is bassier than the title track, and develops a dark motif, but one that is entirely welcomed. Wailing, siren-esque synths make this a badass post-peak hours track that’ll keep the audience intrigued. The third and techiest track of the release is T.G.S., a tune that relies on the percussive elements Roman first introduced to us in Infrared.

If you dig Roman’s latest offering EP-wise as much as I do, check out some more of the young talent’s tracks.

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