Jun 24, 2011
Rollin' on Dubs
Datsik - Overdose (Original Mix) [Rottun]
Datsik - Hydraulic (Original Mix) [Rottun]

Datsik dropped his Hydraulic EP last week, and as expected, it comes at you with the dirtiest, grimiest sounds that you could imagine. If you know Datsik, then you know that he’s a top-tier dubstep artist who loves to utilizes dark industrial sounds in his music, along with labelmates Excision and Downlink. Although this EP is only two tracks, you’d better come prepared because what it lacks in length it make up for in filthiness.

Hydraulic comes roaring straight at you from the highway from hell. With all the dark, twisted sampling going on in this song, it really does sound like they’re tricking out a car in Satan’s garage. But seriously, this is dubstep at its filthiest. I especially like the end of the song when Datsik employs repetition into his drops to just kill it. Overdose picks up where Hydraulic left off–in a pit of filthy synth. If ever there were a way to OD on music, this is it. 8-bit samples intricately worked into drilling screeches make up the base of the track, while brief pauses serve to increase the effect of every single drop. Some call it brostep, others call it noise, but what do you think of “dat sik sound?” Comment below!

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