Aug 26, 2010
Urban Astronauts feat Kristy Thirsk - Black Flowers (Josh Gabriel Remix) [Nocturnal Global]
Urban Astronauts feat Kate Louise Smith - See The Sun (Moonbeam Remix) [Nocturnal Global]
Urban Astronauts feat Kate Louise Smith - See The Sun (Aurosonic Remix) [Nocturnal Global]

There isn’t a cooler professional career than flying into space as an astronaut. Growing up, the only thing that came even close in my mind was becoming a firefighter or a jet pilot. Well… we can’t all be in space. Good thing we have the Urban Astronauts holding it down on Earth. Urban Astronauts is a project by UK artist Matt Darey to fuse more rock’n’roll sounds with EDM. The results have been amazing including two of the biggest recent progressive vocal trance hits. Matt Darey is a household name in trance with over 17 years of incredible productions under his name. He’s kind of a big deal and trance enthusiasts have praised his productions since when he started back in 1994. Recently he played in Los Angeles at the Love Festival for thousands of adoring fans (check the video).

Is there a better fortune than having another trance legend, Josh Gabriel, remix Black Flowers? This track is like taking an already delicious chocolate donut and smearing Nutella all over it. What you get is the sweetest taste imaginable! Black Flowers immediately draws you in with its rather acoustic sounding drums and a silky-smooth bassline sure to get you dancing. The best parts are the anthem-worthy vocals, which I must declare to be some of the purest trance can offer. Everything else in the track, from the guitars to the pads, is perfectly mastered in such an uplifting manner I believe generations from now will be able to appreciate it.

Another huge hit are the remixes of See The Sun. The track features incredibly dreamy vocals that just make you want to close your eyes and escape into reverie. My personal favorite is the Moonbeam remix that has a dark aquatic touch to it. It also features a rather peaceful acoustic guitar riff that is sure to please. Slightly more popular is the version remixed by Russian duo Aurosonic. This one features a strange but lovely set of reverberated vocals that float to and from your left and right speakers like ghosts. Overall, See The Sun is another perfect example of how Urban Astronauts is a huge success. If you’d like to hear more, checkout his two-disc compilation album Nocturnal 2010, which was recently released on Black Hole Recordings.

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