Feb 24, 2014
Robot DJ Just A Hoax… For Now

Increasing automation in our everyday lives may be convenient, but from car-building robots to self-service checkouts, it also comes at a cost–the loss of jobs.

EDM Nightlife reported Feb. 19 on how this issue could now affect the EDM scene, with a “robot DJ” being developed by Project POTPAL. The robot, due to be trailed at Austin, TX club Fame, would monitor crowds, carry a live-updated version of the Beatport Top 10, and even allow wealthy patrons to request songs. Most importantly of all, it was a total fabrication, a parody–the project, the company, and even the nightclub, doesn’t exist.

While many realised the satirical nature of the article, other’s didn’t quite catch on, drawing some strong opinions, and some strong language. While comments range from the hilarious to the emotional, the general consensus seems to be that a robot could never replicate the role of a DJ in terms of emotion and crowd engagement. For now, they’re right, but as artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it might not be too long until the android DJ becomes a reality…

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