Jun 25, 2013
Robert Babicz Sees Disguises In The Skies
Robert Babicz feat. Ira Ange - Crazy (Original Mix) [Systematic]
Robert Babicz - Dream Sequence 4 [Systematic]
Robert Babicz - Bensberg (Original Mix) [Systematic]

Intense imagery has always been a part of house and techno culture, and Robert Babicz’ new album, The Owl And The Butterfly, is no exception. The name itself presents the idea of two sky-bound animals, both known for their excellent ability to blend into their surroundings, but where does electronic music come into play here? The German-based producer, originally from Poland, lets his imagination unravel as he takes you on a journey through various doors of perception, allowing you to hear and feel the sounds and sensations that these beautiful creatures have experienced. Babicz takes a very interesting approach with this album, using a different Dream Sequence to transport you from one track to the next. These short, complex intervals bring to mind the concept of transportation–reminiscent of swimming or flying, or even just dissolving into thin air. This is what dreams are made of.

To get a feel for how this album moves you between so many unique environments, turn your attention to Crazy. Moscow’s own Ira Ange makes her presence known on this album with her beautiful, lacy voice elevating every listener to a higher plane. Dream Sequence 4 then brings us in with a soft landing to our next destination, Bensberg, an old town outside of Cologne, the city which Robert Babicz calls home. It really makes you wonder just how many different places can you visit in just one trip? Hit up Beatport to see for yourself what is so brilliant about Systematic Recordings’ latest album, The Owl And The Butterfly.

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