Oct 27, 2015
Rob Swire Hops On Vocals For Eric Prydz’ New Epic, ‘Breathe’

For the first time since he featured on deadmau5′ iconic 2008 hit, Ghosts N Stuff, Rob Swire has hopped on vocal duties for a a non-Knife Party/Pendulum track. The lucky culprit? None other than the prodigious prophet of progressive house, Mr. Eric Prydz, and his new soon-to-be-hit single, Breathe.

Prydz (pictured left) began his recent Beats 1 radio podcast with what he called “a bit of a curveball.” As the familiar vocals of the Knife Party frontman (pictured right) take center stage, it becomes apparent that this isn’t just a curveball, it’s a four-fingered fastball of pure, unadulterated progressive bliss. While no release date has been mentioned, odds are that the single, officially titled Breathe, will be released on Eric’s upcoming debut studio album, which is set to drop shortly.

The rest of the mix also includes several goodies, including a premiere of Sebastian Leger’s remix of Opus, Prydz’ unreleased remix of his own Every Day, a new, fantastic original called Oddity, and more. And in case that wasn’t enough good new from that man, he also hinted that a new Epic 4.0 show is in the works…

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