Apr 24, 2014
GANZ Brings Flutes to RL Grime & What So Not’s Party
RL Grime & What So Not - Tell Me (GANZ Flip)

Turn down for what?! Pan flutes, apparently. Dutch producer GANZ lays out the exception to the rule in his (relatively) chilled-out bootleg of Tell Me from RL Grime and What So Not.

For his unique take, GANZ eliminates nearly all signs of the original tune’s dirty brass section and thick low-end drops, instead opting for the ethereal intro section as the basis. And where Grime and What So Not aim for meticulously calculated bass chaos, GANZ offers listeners a Snuggie and some feather pillows to maximize the chill factor of his extended New-Age flute solo, which is sure to send you floating down the river of peace and off to slumberland.

If you’re burnt out getting turnt, try a little tranquility by downloading GANZ’s Tell Me bootleg in exchange for a “like” on Facebook.

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