Mar 07, 2014
RL Grime & What So Not Get Dirty With ‘Tell Me’
RL Grime & What So Not - Tell Me (Original Mix)

Tell me, why didn’t RL Grime and What So Not collaborate sooner? These titans of trap music have come together at long last for Tell Me, an absolute banger of a tune that shows off the very best that these two acts have going for them.

Tell Me is filled to the brim with What So Not’s quirky, bouncy production style (which is somewhat indebted to the scene in their homeland of Australia), but ditches that group’s default tropical vibe for a grittier mood that has more in common with RL Grime’s catalogue.

It should go without saying that these guys are among the cleanest producers in the game, and this is especially true when it comes to their attention to detail. Get a load of that eargasmic descending bassline at the two-minute mark, for instance: it only happens that one time, and it passes by so quickly you might not even notice it. Yet those kinds of careful, deliberate details are what make a track like this really outshine the competition.

Download RL Grime & What So Not’s Tell Me in exchange for an email address on their official collaborative website. Could that mean there’s more where this came from? Fingers crossed. In the meantime, check out some live footage of Grime dropping the track on an unsuspecting audience at Stereosonic last summer:

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