Nov 26, 2014
RL Grime Goes To War In ‘Valhalla’ Video

Fresh off the release of his full-length debut album VOID, RL Grime returns with a music video for one of the album’s biggest tunes–Valhalla, a collaboration with Djemba Djemba.

Directed by Grime favorites David Rudnick and Daniel Swan, Valhalla continues the story that was told on the album’s first video, Core. Once again, we are transported to an animated sci-fi battleground, where the “Void Team,” consisting of tanks, helicopters, and stealth bombers, attempts to do battle with a mysterious threat known as “The Carrier.” Interwoven around the digital battleground are the booming sounds of one of the year’s heaviest trap songs.

Check out the full video down below, and pick up VOID on iTunes here.

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