Jan 27, 2015
RL Grime & UNICEF Want To #ENDChildMarriageNow With ‘Always’ Video

Trap producer RL Grime has joined forces with UNICEF in an effort to #ENDChildMarriageNow.

Every year over 14 million young girls are married before their 18th birthdays. These girls are “not only denied their childhood but are often socially isolated and subjected to violence, and limited opportunities for education and employment,” says Bruno Maes, UNICEF Representative in Chad.

The promotional video, which features RL Grime’s track Always, was filmed in Chad, a developing nation that has the third highest rate of child marriage, with an astonishing 68% of girls married as children. To put thing into perspective, a girl in Chad is more likely to die giving birth than attend secondary school.

RL Grime spoke about his partnership with UNICEF:

“Before UNICEF approached me for the video, I was unaware of this epidemic of child marriage that is plaguing Chad and other places globally. So when they came to me with the opportunity I was happy to be involved and help shed light on a very real world topic, and in the end hopefully bring new awareness to this difficult issue.

“I think [Always is] a somber yet uplifting track… The lyric ‘I feel better when I have you near me’ really meshed well with the overall theme of the video, which to me hits on this sense of community.”

To find out more about UNICEF’s work and how you can make a difference, click here.

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