Nov 20, 2014
10 Things We Learned From RL Grime’s Reddit AMA

It’s been a busy week for trap icon RL Grime. Following the release of his highly anticipated debut album, VOID, the trap icon stopped by Reddit to answer questions from his fans, including how his debut album came together, his thoughts on working with rappers vs. DJs, and his opinion on goats.

1. How the concept for VOID came about.

“i began with the concept before making any music for it. in general i like to go in with an idea or something visual to work off of before i start making music. once the idea and concept was down, the album came together pretty organically. i worked with an amazing artist named david rudnick on the concept and identity of the album.”

2. How he feels about DJs who talk during shows.

“i mean ive been seeing all these dudes that talk over literally every song and it kind’ve kills the vibe for me. i like getting on here and there but i try to just let the music play for the most part.”

3. The difference between working with hip hop artists like Big Sean as opposed to other DJs.

“working with a hip hop artist is way different because i wanted to make sure to give him space on the record. big sean has such a realized sound already and i wanted to make sure to let him do his thing without overdoing it on the production side… ive worked with rappers in the past and for the most part its essentially just wasting time in the studio. sean was super professional and eager to work which was incredibly refreshing.”

4. His thoughts on vinyl and whether he will release VOID on vinyl.

“YES, we are releasing it probably sometime beginning of next year. the vinyl industry is pretty fucked right now because they are totally backlogged. thats why the core vinyl has taken so long to ship because there are a lot of people trying to get vinyls pressed but there are not as many manufacturers anymore.”

5. When it comes to 808s: sample or synthesizer? Go-to DAW? Favorite VST?

“i do both [samples and synthesizers]. i try to take a new approach to 808’s in every song–usuaally make them but sometimes sample… [For DAWs] i use reason mostly, but rewire with ableton (i use only stock things in ableton) for audio stuff… i dont use any vst’s.”

6. His favorite tracks on VOID.

“golden state or julia… julia is a sound [I] sampled in that record. its on this list of unexplained sounds that i found on wikipedia. its basically the sound of an enormous iceberg moving. you can find more info on it here

9. What he was listening to while recording VOID.

“music has a right to the children [Boards of Canada], aleph [Gesaffelstein], fat of the land [The Prodigy], take care< [Drake]”

8. Can you do a collab with Gesaffelstein?

“would love to at some point. hes one of my favorite producers and aleph was def top 3 albums of the yr for me”

9. What he would do if he woke up one morning as Drake.

“call nicki.”

10. You like goats?

“ya lol”

Read the full AMA over on Reddit here.

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