Aug 26, 2010
Rising Stars Unite
Uppermost - Take A Blow (Lazy Rich Remix) [Bazooka]

This is not the first time the names Lazy Rich and Uppermost have shown up on LessThan3, and given the snowballing popularity of these two DJ/producers, I highly doubt it will be the last. Canada meets France in this monster of a remix that I didn’t even have to hear to know it was going to be something epic.

Lazy Rich’s remix of Uppermost’s Take A Blow is exactly the kind of sound you would expect to get from these two heavyweights collaborating – grinding synths employing syncopated rhythms and “Speak & Spell” style vocal clips a la Uppermost, and effects that give the track the feeling that it is about to take flight a la Lazy Rich. This is the perfect kind of track to move from a more chill to a more ferocious section of an electro house set–it almost does the build for you. Take a listen and get ready to get blown.

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