Sep 15, 2010
Rising Star
Adriano Alberti - Paradise Boat 2010 (Radio Edit) [Baccara]
DJ Fozzie Bear - Dust (Adriano Alberti Remix)

Few things thrill me more than when I find an otherwise unknown artist that has amazing talent. After something like that happens, I almost feel like it is my personal responsibility to tell the world about them. Well, I am about to do just that.

Adriano Alberti is a Brazil-born, Switzerland-based house DJ/producer who has managed to remain under the radar. Wanna know how I know he’s still a bit of an unknown? He has 200 MySpace friends. I’m pretty sure my aunt has more MySpace friends than that. No matter–it is now time for the world to hear his name. He is producing a wealth of big-room sounds, and I think it is within the realm of possibility that one of the tracks I am posting here, Paradise Boat 2010, has the potential to be a worldwide hit record, transcending genre and geographic boundaries (do those even exist anymore with the internet around?). I know what you’re going to think when you first start to listen to this track–“what the heck are these Numa Numa-sounding vocals, and why would I ever like them?” Well, I am willing to bet when you get to about 0:48 you are going to change your tune. That syncopated synth along with that melody is the stuff hits are made of, people. Not to mention that he produced the track and did his own vocals–not something you hear every day.

I’m going to leave you with another track of his, a remix of DJ Fozzie Bear’s Dust, which is pretty much everything good about the genre of house music rolled up into one delicious, Show Me Love meets electro-sounding track. Hope you enjoy, folks!

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