Apr 05, 2014
‘Rise’ Again With Lee Osborne
Lee Osborne - Rise (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]

You occasionally hear people complaining that trance “isn’t what it used to be”, but a quick browse through Beatport normally proves very wrong. Not only are decent uplifting trance records still being released every week, we’re also treated to a gem every once in a while–a true modern classic that makes you wonder why trance isn’t bigger than it is. Ministry Of Sound resident Lee Osborne is a prime example of this, as his latest release on Monster Digital proves beyond any doubt.

Rise is all about big uplifting trance melodies, but like all the greats from the genre, it isn’t about lazily whacking out a load of supersaws with massive reverb. The sound itself is quite subtle, as is the production style, but it’s the melody, the hook, and that frantic-yet-emotional arpeggiated sequence that makes the track special. Curious? Buy it now, play it loud, and see what happens. You’ll be an uplifting trance fan before you know it.

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