Jan 09, 2012
Rinse & Repeat
P Jam - Arizona Skyz (Original Mix) [Rinse]
Royal-T - Orangeade (VIP) [Rinse]
Terror Danjah feat Ruby Lee Ryder - Full Attention (Original Mix) [Rinse]

If Butterz label founders Elijah and Skilliam weren’t known for their grime-centric DJ segment on Rinse FM, the eponymous Rinse 17 mix by the DJ duo might be classified as another genre, like post-dubstep or UK garage. Calling Rinse 17 a “grime” DJ mix would be doing it a disservice–the mix is a journey through several genres of dance music with many of its tracks employing elements from UK funky, breaks, and dubstep. Rinse 17 is a monumental mix in a long line of quality DJ sets bestowed upon dance music fans by the mighty Rinse FM. The tracklist weighs in at a whopping 28 tunes, and it flows effortlessly from beginning to end.

Rinse 17 is chock-full of wobbles, breaks, and beats, but a few tunes in particular demonstrate how outside of the box this mix truly is. The first tune that showcases this new, mashed-up style of grime is Arizona Skyz by P Jam. Any fan of breaks will instantly fall in love with its rolling hi-hats. Very simplistic in its delivery, the bass rides along on a syncopated track, hitting at some off-beats that enhance the tune’s overall groove. Another incredibly addictive tune featured on this mix is more of a grime-influenced track called Orangeaid by Royal-T. It has everything a grime beat needs to move a dancefloor: chopped up drum patterns, claps and kicks, and a highly rhythmic lead synth line. This tune will be a staple in Elijah and Skilliam’s DJ sets for a long time to come. Any post-dubstep fans will love the track Full Attention by Terror Danjah. The track features vocalist Ruby Lee Ryder, who imparts a heaping helping of soul on this bass-heavy stormer.

The entire Rinse 17 mix is a lesson in seamless beat matching, demonstrating just how evolved Elijah and Skilliam’s mixing has become in recent years. Get ahold of the whole thing here!

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