Jun 21, 2015
The Rinse 16
DJ Marky - Silly (Original Mix) [Innerground]
Spectrasoul - Blindside (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
Dimension - Maschinen (Original Mix) [MTA]
Optiv & BTK - Dive Bomb (Original Mix) [Virus]

The Rinse has returned with another week’s worth of new drum & bass music. For this episode, we revisit two brand-new albums we glimpsed into previously from DJ Marky and Spectrasoul, and also take a deep dive into the heavier side of D&B with tracks from Optiv & BTK and Dimension. In addition, we have a new track from Belgian superstar Netsky, which serves as a prelude to his next studio album. Enjoy!

DJ Marky – Silly (Original Mix) [Innerground]
Previewed in an earlier episode of The Rinse, DJ Marky’s new album My Heroes is filled with gems, so we had to revisit it once more now that it’s seen an official release. The track showcased here is called Silly, a soulful number featuring a sample from Valerie Simpson’s Silly, Wasn’t I (which was incidentally also sampled in 50 Cent’s Best Friend). Silly is a stamped and certified summertime workout, combining Valerie’s playful Silly vocal with shimmering pads and an unrelenting groove. Just one of the many incredible tracks on Marky’s new album, Silly perfectly captures the sun-kissed, feel-good vibes that mark summertime.

Spectrasoul – Blindside (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
Very few producers are able to successfully integrate the harder tones of D&B with the R&B flavors found in most vocal tracks of today. Spectrasoul is one such duo that is capable of such and it’s on full display on their new tune Blindside. Taken from their new album The Mistress, which was previewed right here in weeks past, Blindside is a sexy, but hard-edged salvo featuring a velvety, R&B vocal sprinkled on top of a sawtooth lead. Make sure to pick up this entire album–it’s definitely one of the year’s best.

Netsky – Rio (Original Mix) [Sony]
It’s been a few months since Netsky’s last release–a soaring collaboration with Metrik and Stealth called Can’t Speak from earlier this year. The Belgian prodigy has finally returned with another feel-good tune called Rio ahead of the release of his third album. The tune features vocals from Digital Farm Animals and is filled with jazzy vibes, incorporating horn stabs and a catchy piano progression.

Dimension – Maschinen (Original Mix) [MTA]
Producer-of-the-hour Dimension continues his conquest of D&B with his latest, hard-hitting single, Maschinen. The German word for “machine,” Maschinen is a syncopated masterpiece, delivering a staggered beat reminiscent of Moving Shadow’s classic Lazy Bones, but a bit more aggressive. Maschinen will also be packaged with the forthcoming Pull Me Under–a dancefloor number with the alluring voice of Raphaella available on iTunes on June 29.

Optiv & BTK – Dive Bomb (Original Mix) [Virus]
Out on Virus Recordings, Dive Bomb is a recently released four-track EP featuring collabs with Maztek and MC Kryptomedic. While all of the EP’s tracks bring the dark and techy vibes, the title track stands out with its growling synth spates and arsenal of break samples. Optiv & BTK continue to show their adept ability at crafting tech-funk for the dancefloor.