May 20, 2015
The Rinse 12: Curated By Joe Ford
DC Breaks - Gambino VIP (Original Mix) [RAM]
Emperor - Passed Up (Original Mix) [Critical Music]
Dr Meaker - Freaks (June Miller Remix) [Circus]
Modestep - Machines (Mefjus Remix) [Max]
Misanthrop - Big Data (Original Mix) [Blackout Music NL]

Bass connoisseurs worldwide, The Rinse is back to deliver another round of blazing new drum & bass for the week. For this episode, we have Shogun Audio’s Joe Ford taking us through his top five tracks at the moment.

Since hitting the scene three short years ago, Joe Ford has stormed across the entire landscape of D&B with his technically superior production style. His tracks have appeared on distinguished labels such as Bad Taste, Med School, and Caliber Music, to name a few, and support has come from every direction including the likes of UKF, BBC Radio 1, and even Krewella.

Not far removed from his 21st birthday, Joe Ford is now preparing his next release–an epic, 4-track EP called All of Us which features a cameo from Shogun label-mate, Icicle. All four of the EP’s selections showcase Joe’s air-tight synth programming and syncopated rhythmic devices. The EP has an aggressive vibe overall, bordering on combative with tracks like Crossbreed and All of Us, and compromising only slightly with the groovier VE3 and Snares. All four tracks certainly make a case for Joe’s consideration as producer of the year.

If four tracks isn’t enough to satiate your hankering for Joe Ford’s bleeding-edge beats, Joe’s included a brilliantly composed digital-only bonus track called Abandoned Art featuring Miss Trouble. This dubstep gem maintains the EP’s high production quotient, but delivers a more emotive vibe than the rest of the EP as a result of Miss Trouble’s sultry vocals.

Make sure to head over to the Shogun Audio store to pre-order the All of Us EP ahead of its May 24 release. For a full preview of the EP, click here to hit Shogun Audio’s SoundCloud page.

Now, let’s hand it off to Joe Ford who highlights his current top 5 tracks. Enjoy! ~

DC Breaks – Gambino VIP (Original Mix) [RAM]
The original by the DC Breaks boys has had one of the most consistently good reactions on the dancefloor that I’ve ever seen. Nice to hear a fresh spin on it! Big tune.

Emperor – Passed Up (Original Mix) [Critical Music]
Perfect mixing material–bold, loud, memorable! One of many Emperor tunes in everyone’s sets currently. Bigup Conor!

Dr Meaker feat. Cappo D and Sharlene – Freaks (June Miller Remix) [Circus]
An impressive mix of musicality and aggression, held together with some flawless production from the June Miller guys. Sure to go off!

Modestep – Machines (Mefjus Remix) [Max]
Some of the best production I’ve ever heard hands down, an absolute monster! Mefjus is unstoppable at the moment, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Misanthrop – Big Data (Original Mix) [Blackout Music NL]
I’ve been bigging this tune up since the day I heard it. Probably my favorite D&B tune at the moment, louder than is reasonable and a lot of fun to throw down live. Great to double drop too.

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