Apr 08, 2015
The Rinse 06: Curated By Reso
Hugh Hardie - Golden Hour (Original Mix) [Hospital]
Mefjus feat. Zoe Klinck - Blame You (Ivy Lab Remix) [Critical]
Reso - Callisto (Original Mix) [Hospital]
NeonLight & Wintermute - Influx (Original Mix) [Blackout]
Frankee - Snarl (Original Mix) [RAM]

Here ye, midnight marauders, The Rinse has returned with this week’s salvo of new drum & bass. For this special episode, Hospital Records artist Reso gives us his up-to-the-minute selections with a premiere of Hugh Hardie’s latest track, Golden Hour–available as a free download with every ticket purchased for Hospital’s Hospitality Midsummer BBQ show.

Since debuting back in 2007, Reso has carved a niche of his own in every genre he has graced. From dubstep and breaks to D&B and glitch hop, Reso’s musical versatility is only matched by the originality of his productions. Consequently, the Londoner has been tapped to remix for the likes of Carl Cox, KOAN Sound, and Oliver Heldens, to name a few, while also notching engineer credits for notables such as Burial and Jamie Woon.

Recently, the producer penned an exclusive deal with the mighty D&B label Hospital Records–who previously played host to several of Reso’s releases dating back to 2010. Just as the ink dried, the pioneering producer announced he would be releasing his sophomore LP Ricochet on the famed imprint–a 12-track opus showcasing an eclectic mixture of D&B and electronica.

Since its announcement, the anticipation of Reso’s LP Ricochet has become fervent, eventually reaching a crescendo upon its release last week. Ricochet’s praise cannot be overstated–Reso has crafted an album that will take years for his contemporaries to match. The album breaks new ground in the way tonal content is delivered synthetically, eschewing the heavily filtered and atonal effects typically associated with the darker forms of D&B in favor of high musicality.

Head over to Beatport to audition and purchase Ricochet. Now, read on to see what Reso had to say about the tunes he’s been rinsing lately!

PREMIERE: Hugh Hardie – Golden Hour (Original Mix) [Hospital]

Hugh can do no wrong in my eyes. I absolutely love the chord progression on this, jazzy but with a positive resolution at the end. The leads and synths add enough to keep it from getting stale over the course of the track and I love the one tiny bit of gritty bass within the phrase at certain point. Basically this is how good liquid should sound. Plus you can get it for zero pounds (dollars) as part of the BBQ Bangers EP. Sick.

Mefjus – Blame you (Ivy Lab Remix) [Critical Music]

I love the original, but I think Ivy Lab smashed the granny out of this one. It’s got just enough grit to drop in a peak time set but isn’t so mental that it can’t be used to get a crowd warmed up nicely either. The great use of the main vocal hook for the drop is a classy touch and the basses remind me of Calyx and Teebee to a certain extent which is a good thing. It’s smooth and restrained, but still has enough impact to smash up a dance.

Reso – Callisto (Original Mix) [Hospital]

This is one of my favourite tracks off my new album. I’ve been using it as a set opener as the intro has enough tension to get peoples attention but it’s not so mental on the drop that it will scare people away.

NeonLight & Wintermute – Influx (Original Mix) [Blackout Music]

This one’s a straight heater. The sci-fi, cinematic intro builds up into a pretty gnarly drop. It’s not overly complicated melodically, clearly it’s been built for maximum dancefloor impact. I love the way the drum groove switches up after the first 16 bars and that reversed siren Reese really cuts through. There’s enough variation within the structure to keep it interesting throughout and the bass sound design is second to none.

Frankee – Snarl (Original Mix) [RAM]

Uuuggghhh–that Reese is just ridiculous. This one never fails to go off. Another straight dancefloor banger. The name is right, it makes you wanna screw up your face into some contorted, snarly shapes.

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