Dec 03, 2010
Right Here Beside Me
Skream feat Sam Frank - Where You Should Be (Original Mix) [Hydra]

It’s an unfortunate consequence that oftentimes newcomers to EDM don’t have any way of knowing which artists were instrumental in pushing things to where they are now. In the world of dubstep, there are a few artists who have gone above and beyond musically, constantly exploring new territory, tweaking and modifying the sound to arrive at something truly unique. Skream is one such artist who everyone should be well aware of at this point. If you aren’t, now’s a good time to get exposed with a listen to Where You Should Be, featuring vocals by Sam Frank. Hit play and let’s begin.

You’ll quickly notice that this doesn’t really sound much like a dubstep track at all; the truth is that many of the elements contained here are borrowed from other evolutions on the sound that have arisen in recent months. It’s much more laid back and chilled out. Something about this song really reminds me of Remember-style tracks by Air–a group that typically produces more ambient electronic music. Listeners will probably easily pick out that double-time synth that frequents many drum’n’bass songs, and the low basslines here sound like very unwobbly (not so wobbly?) wobs. To top it off, Sam Frank adds excellent vocals with great lyrics. It should come as no surprise that Skream is one of the three maestros behind Magnetic Man, already one of the biggest dubstep supergroups in the world.

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